I learned a lesson today. That lesson is: when you try to manage too many things at once, you lose track of a lot.

This week, I got 2 orders on Etsy. Yay! The second one was for 3 small loaf orange bread bags. I only had 2 left. Crap! As it turns out, when you make a listing with colour options, the software doesn’t really know that quantity of each. I did have 4 in inventory, 2 green, 2 orange. Etsy, and therefore the buyer, didn’t know that. And I didn’t think about it before because I haven’t taken a second to look at or update the shop. OOPPSSS!

Thankfully, I did have an orange baguette bag left so I was able to cut it down to fulfill the order. But I lost time and I lost a baguette bag. As the boyfriend says, I’m more in the “get yourself known phase” but still I’d ideally want to be able to say I got the Fleur de Pixie name out there without losing money for it.

Live and learn people! Live. And. Learn. I have deactivated all bread bags listings for now until I can make sure the inventory matches the listings. The 4 listings that are still active in the shop I am certain of so I won’t run into another problem like this again.

That is all. In the end, the buyer gets her order and I still sold 4 bread bags this week so I’d say it’s still a pretty awesome week!

Fundraising sale this weekend for Just Another Hill. Fleur de Pixie (ie me) has graciously accepted to donate all the profits from the sale of bread bags, Christmas bags, and Christmas ornaments to Just Another Hill’s fundraising efforts for cancer research (ie for my project). Fleur de Pixie is a wonderful, wonderful enterprise!

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It’s that time of year!

This makes me happy.

Getting ready for a fundraising sale on December 14! Fundraising for what? If you don’t know already, click here.

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Blanket in Action

Nothing is cooler than seeing something I make being used, appreciated and loved, especially seeing this blanket with a colourful assembling history bringing warmth to a newborn.

photo 1

photo 2

Life is good.

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This and That II

I wanted to post last night but I had no more energy. Now I have less than 20min before I have to go to work so it won’t be a long post.

The studio in Shediac that sells my bread bags was interested in more of my creations for an upcoming art festival so I did a mad dash to create a few. This involved doing something stupid like staying up until 1:30am on a Monday night when I have to get up at 6am to get ready for work. That is not enough sleep for me but I did it anyways. It’s worth it.

After making these wonderful things, I got to use my new light box. I am in love with this purchase. 99$+tax on amazon. Best thing I could have bought! It makes my pictures look so much better. Someone with more training or more desire to learn the intricacies of lighting can achieve the same results but I am not that kind of person. I am the ‘find a reasonably priced alternative to hours of learning’ type. So I bought this:DSC_0152
And it has the bonus of looking cool when you take a picture of it like this:DSC_0151

So here are how the pictures of my new creations look. Not bad huh?

Now I just have to make some time to retake all my pictures of Etsy, create a little more inventory and Fleur de Pixie will have taken a huge leap forward!

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This and That

“This and That”. That is a title you use when you’re feeling uninspired about coming up with a title. I never dared use it back when I was writing school essays but I kind of wish I had.

So first, the This. This is a custom order I just finished. DSC_0091


A couple of years ago, I made a beach bag for the sister of a friend and her friend recently contacted me for one. Awesome! I’m finding that more and more people are contacting me for custom orders. Usually in a limited circle but I’ll take it! I like to know that people really enjoy what I do and that they won’t just put it in the back of a closet. I take pride in creating things that are sturdy and well thought out.

Which brings me to some That: a diaper bag I recently completed for a friend. Diaper bagIt looks good but it’s not as functional as it should be. I first made it for my cousin and I suspect she may have had the same issues. Not being a mother, I don’t really know what mothers go through. I keep trying to tell the boyfriend that we should make babies but we decided to enroll in a stupidly difficult challenge for cancer research and apparently it would be even more stupid to try to keep up the fundraising efforts as a pregnant lady or new mother and you can’t climb to Everest Base Camp if you’re pregnant or nursing. So me really knowing what is practical for a new mother will have to wait. In the meantime, I can do research and talk to friends who have babies and develop a functional product that will have a chance of surviving on the market. In the meantime, I am also eternally grateful for my cousin and my friend for trusting me and still buying Fleur de Pixie. People like you make dreams like mine possible!

In other That news: my more traditional bread bags are doing well at Under My Tree studio! The first month, I made 9$ in sales. The second, 16$. The third 36$ and this month I made 55$. Booya! At this rate, I can almost contemplate quitting my day job…almost! The more funky versions of the bread bags are posted on my Etsy shop. I don’t have good pictures of the traditional ones yet. I was all happy because I made my first sale to someone I absolutely didn’t and she bought one of those funky bags. Unfortunately, she is returning it. I could have said no to the return given that it arrived to her within the time I said it took to ship to the USA but she wanted it for an event and it arrived after so she didn’t want to keep it. I therefore offered to refund her the price of the item if she shipped it back and it arrived in the same condition I shipped it in. I just figured it was good business but we’ll see what happens. It made me a little sad that my first ‘stranger’ sale bounced but oh well.

And in other This news, I may be going a little insane from the amount of things I have on my plate, so what else is new? But I try to muddle through it. Between the full time job, trying to raise 23,000$, trying to get healthier and more fit to be able to hike up to 18,000 feet, managing two blogs, two Etsy shops (one of which is sorely in need of an update), building my product line, marketing my brand, trying to stay friends with people who have about as much time as I have to stay in touch, being a decent human being to the man I love (that really should be at the top of the list but it isn’t always), training an anxious dog, and taking care of daily and weekly chores that are so necessary but so time consuming, I don’t know when to stop and just be me. We went on a week-long road trip to Maine for my birthday and I think it was the best week I’ve had in months. There was no work phone, no personal phone, no computer, just me, the man, the dog, the air conditioned car, the tent and when we decided the weather was too darn hot for camping, there was air conditioned hotel rooms. It was a wonderful break and I can’t wait for the next one! As I live in Canada where most people get 2 weeks of vacation, not in Europe where the minimum is 5, during my next vacation I will be dying on my way up to 18,000 feet. But I’ll try to survive on weekends alone until then!

On that positive, not tired at all note, off to visit my grandmother and then to collect empties. We’ll get to 23,000$, one empty bottle at a time if we have to!

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