Both Blankets in Action!

You know what makes me happy? Knowing that what I make is used and loved!

My cousin sent me these pictures of her two boys with their flannel blankets made with love (and in the case of the panda one, with some difficulty) by their….wait a second, what is my relationship to my cousin’s sons? I’m like a mix of cousin and aunt? A Cousaunt? That sounds awful, I’ll just say made by their mom’s cousin.

She e-mailed the pictures with this little note: “Just wanted you to see we never go anywhere without our precious blankets!”

It was so thoughtful because it really makes me happy to see what I make in action. I would much rather Fleur de Pixie’s work not be left at the bottom of a closet somewhere.



Sleep well little ones. And try not to give your parents too much trouble ok?

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Crazy Quilt Progress

I’ve left the crazy quilt aside for a while as I focused on other things but I’ve decided to incorporate it in my new routine: 1 block a week. Here are all the blocks I’ve done to date. I’m looking forward to adding a block a week until I can assemble the quilt top!


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Life Changes

For the past two weeks, I have had more time on my hands: I am looking for another job. I won’t detail that part of my life here as it’s doesn’t really impact the crafting sphere other than to give me more time. I focus on job searching and send out a ton of applications but after a while of that, I find myself with time to develop Fleur de Pixie, finally! Yay!!

I have started revamping the shop and updating the listings. I have finally made the shop bilingual. It only took me 3 years to make the shop available in French, i.e., my first language. I am hoping this will help me widen my customer base.

I re-photographed everything I have in inventory, including the new items I had made to sell at the 3 craft sales my dad and I held to help team Just Another Hill raise money for cancer research.

I also changed up the banner on all my sites (Etsy, WordPress and Facebook). It was time for a new life in that tired, fuzzy, darkish old banner. The new Fleur de Pixie is more blue too. Because blue is freakin’ awesome and the best colour ever and I just love it a whole lot. Yes yes!

Today, I started posting what I have available. Check out the updates on the shop by clicking here. So far, the bread bags are up, as well as the trivets and placemats. Next, I have the coasters, zippered pouches and over the shoulder bags to post.

After that, I will take more time for product development/making more inventory. I already know I want to post some of my yoga bags, some Round Tuits (never posted any of those, only gave them as gifts but they are awesome, you’ll see!), more purses and crochet bags.

I have so much fabric in my stash, I will use this time in between jobs to make a dent in the pile and turn all that fabric potential into awesome Fleur de Pixie stuff!!

Life feels different these days. A bit more scary, a lot of unknown but mostly it feels full of hope and promise. It feels a bit like when I went off to hike the AT. When my parents dropped me off, I started walking but immediately wanted to run back to catch up with their car. I wanted to say “nevermind all this, my old life was good, I’ll just jump back in the car with you guys and go back to it ok?”. But I didn’t. And after a long (it really was short but it felt long) first day where my feet were following the blazes but my head was a million different scary places all at once, after talking myself into not quitting a whole bunch of times, I discovered that as hard as that hike was, it was one of the best challenges I ever faced in my life. I have a feeling this challenge will lead me to equally great lessons and rewards!…I’m just kinda still in the “follow the blazes while your head is in a million scary places all at once” part.

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The Craziness Continues

The blocks of Scrappidy Scrap Scrap are stacking up! 5 more done! Best thing about these quilt blocks: if my machine stitching is a little messed up, I don’t bother taking it apart to start again. I keep going because at this point, this quilt is already all over the place, a stitch out of place or sequence here and there isn’t going to hurt. Laalalallalala!! This project is really fun!






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Well I may start blogging regularly again. It’s been a crazy year and a half while we tried (and succeeded) to raise 23,000$ for cancer research. I thought of nothing else but fundraising when I wasn’t working. I crafted a little but only for the 3 sales we did for the fundraiser. I started to feel like I was losing myself but now that the goal is achieved, I have more room to breathe and to spend time on crafting. It’s quite a nice feeling!

I have a lot I want to do for the shop but I decided to leave that aside for now. My etsy sales have been suspended for so long, a couple more weeks or even months won’t hurt. I have been reading the novels in the Elm Creek Quilts series and enjoying them quite a lot. Easy read, entertaining and oh so motivating! I just want to quilt all day. However, since that’s not an option and since I have a TON of materials to use, I decided to be a little selfish and spend my newly recovered time on a project just for me: my very first crazy quilt. They were talking about one in The Quilter’s Legacy and I thought “yeah, I can do that!”. Then I can watch TV wrapped in it! Awesomeness!

The novel talked about the history of the Crazy Quilt, how it started as a utilitarian quilt, the one made from scraps, just to keep people warm, that might have been hidden under the “pretty” quilt. I like that idea. Over the years, it has changed into a “pretty” quilt itself as quilters started to use all sorts of fabric scraps, velvets, satin, linen, as well as a slew of decorative embroidery stitches and colourful threads.

As appealing as the hand quilting is – every time I read an Elm Creek Quilt novel, I just want to hand quilt and hang out with a whole bunch of quilters -, I decided to make my first crazy quilt with my awesome machine. It does have over 429 stich options, might as well use them!

Since I don’t have any muslin for the base of the squares, I decided to use fabric I found in my great-grandmother’s cedar trunk. That trunk was a moth-ball smelling goldmine!! Took a little effort and time to get the smell out of the fabrics but it was well worth it! I didn’t notice it at first since it just looked like a pile of beige fabric, but they are actually all sugar bags that she un-sewed and washed. How cool is that? I don’t know what she intended to keep them for but I hope that she would approve of my use of them. DSC_0035




After cutting all my base squares, I took out all my threadsDSC_0047

and I dumped out my bin of scraps. DSC_0041These are the scraps that I decided to keep because I thought I would use them one day. I had about triple that amount but I sorted them a while ago because I needed room for all my fabrics. I donated the ones I knew I didn’t want to use to La Fabrique Ethique de Montreal. She can use them in her classes and I like the thought that people who are learning to repurpose clothes can use the scraps and give them a second life.

I have been having so much fun so far! After the fundraising where I have to be organized and calculating, it is a great relief to use my free time in such a, well, free manner! I am quite proud of the results. Even though it takes longer, I like changing the threads on the machine every time I put a new scrap in. Technically none of these fabrics and threads go together. And yet, used in this manner, they really work well together, in my opinion. Here are my first 4 squares:





I can’t wait to see how the finished quilt will look!! I think I’m going to call it Scrappidy Scrap Scrap. It has a nice ring to it. Reminds me that life is just darn fun! Scrappidy Scrap Scrap. Scrappidy Scrap Scrap!!

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