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Personal Space

Are you a close talker? Do you think you must be less than a foot from people to interact with them effectively? If so, why?? Seriously, please explain it to me. Granted, some people have no, or very few, boundaries. … Continue reading

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Stars Forever

When I was in high school, a friend of mine used to make tiny paper stars during class. I think she said in her culture if you offer a jar of paper stars it means good luck, or that you … Continue reading

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CH, This One's for You!

Before two of my friends decided to move to BC, I used to have regular Stitch and Bitch meetings. What happens at Stitch and Bitch? It’s pretty self explanatory. Mostly we cooked food for brunch, knitted or crocheted (how do … Continue reading

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Cooking with Style

Step 1: get tired of your old apron (even though it’s blue and blue things are nice) Step 2: make a plan Step 3: VoilĂ ! New Apron! (I never used the pocket, hence an apron without a pocket. What do … Continue reading

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