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Can a machine have a soul?

A friend of mine got a sewing machine as a gift and wanted a few pointers so she brought it over so we could work together. Her machine wasn’t working properly. Brother told her to buy a new needle plate … Continue reading

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It's not blue but I like it!

I don’t have a plan. I decided to use a lot of my leftover fabric and the fabric I bought on impulse to make different squares until I have enough for a decent sized quilt. Square 1 is now done! … Continue reading

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Bread Brunch & Beyond

This post is about bread (it’s a type of craft no?), brunch and crochet but Bread Brunch & Crochet doesn’t sound as cool. When you put Beyond as the third item it’s much cooler. It signifies infinity. Bed Bath & … Continue reading

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Buy First. Ask Questions Later.

Impulse buying. It’s a disease. We all suffer from it. If you say you don’t suffer from it, I won’t believe you. Everything¬† keeps screaming at us to consume, to buy more, to think about the now and not save … Continue reading

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Face (or List Away) Fears and Insecurities

This post is brought to you buy a feeling of powerlessness courtesy of an allergic contact dermatitis on my hands that makes it impossible for me to crochet the shawl I want to make for myself, to sew the curtains … Continue reading

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