Who’s Pixie?

Welcome to my blog about anything and everything I craft or craft-related. I started this blog in 2010 when I bought myself a new sewing machine and have since started to develop Fleur de Pixie and expanded onto Etsy. All Fleur de Pixie designs are original except when I reference a book where I got the pattern from. All pictures on this site were taken by me and I would ask that no one use them without my consent.

If you’re a little curious about me, here is a bit of history!

In 2008, I took on the challenge of hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. It was there that I was re-baptized Pixie. Someday, maybe I’ll tell you that story.

Today, I will tell you the story of how I started loving Arts&Crafts.

When my older sister took Home Ec, she introduced me to sewing and when it was my turn to take the class, I made a doll while my fellow students were struggling with boxers and pillowcases. It was quite a confidence booster, I must admit. Since then, I’ve become increasingly adept at not following patterns, thinking I’m smarter than the pattern maker, and realizing that I should perhaps have followed the instructions properly. Arts&Crafts and I have been joined at the hip for about 15 years now and I continue to enjoy the never ending learning process!

I suffer from a widely known affliction called Craft ADD (or is it Craft ADHD?). At any given moment, I’ll have at least 3 projects in various stages of incompleteness and will be thinking of new ideas to make me forget that I haven’t finished what I started.

I love sewing (except when it’s clothes — I cannot for the life of me make a garment that fits me properly), quilting, crochet, cross-stitch and every once in a while I dabble in embroidery, mosaic, origami, and reorganizing sugar packets in restaurants so that all the brand names are upright and in alphabetical order. Ok, that last one is not a craft per se but I do think it’s a very valuable skill to have. Indeed.

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