Both Blankets in Action!

You know what makes me happy? Knowing that what I make is used and loved!

My cousin sent me these pictures of her two boys with their flannel blankets made with love (and in the case of the panda one, with some difficulty) by their….wait a second, what is my relationship to my cousin’s sons? I’m like a mix of cousin and aunt? A Cousaunt? That sounds awful, I’ll just say made by their mom’s cousin.

She e-mailed the pictures with this little note: “Just wanted you to see we never go anywhere without our precious blankets!”

It was so thoughtful because it really makes me happy to see what I make in action. I would much rather Fleur de Pixie’s work not be left at the bottom of a closet somewhere.



Sleep well little ones. And try not to give your parents too much trouble ok?

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One Response to Both Blankets in Action!

  1. Cole says:

    So adorable! My cousin is always calling herself my daughter’s aunt, but in reality she’s a second cousin. She really does feel more like a sister to me though, so aunt almost seems appropriate!

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