Closet Door

And last but not least, this morning I finished the closet door for our guestroom! I started it when we bought the house in December. All the doors were old and grimy so we threw them out. We decided not to reinvest in closet doors just yet since there were more urgent projects. So in my workshop, I got creative and used this old Superman sheet:493

In the guestroom, I got even more creative and took out all my fabric scraps to see what I had to work with:

Turns out I had more than enough for 200 log cabin blocks that work with the room decor. I love the finished look of the room now! And the awesome thing is it did not cost us a dime. The curtain rod was from our old apartment. The backing for the curtain is an old sheet that I found in my great-grandmother’s cedar chest and all the quilt top fabrics are scraps from previous projects.

New dog likes it too…or she just likes following people around to see what they’re up to.

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