Craziness Completed

I finished my crazy quilt!! Check it out!DSC_1029DSC_1036DSC_1039

The most special block is this oneDSC_1030

I asked the fiancé for input on making an ‘us’ block. It seemed to fit which this whole crazy quilt concept because we’re kind of crazy. As I write this, the fiancé is walking around the living room with his snow pants in front of his legs, kicking them and making Godzilla noises. Crazy! That is only a fraction of why I love him.

Anywho, the blue fabric at the middle of the block is leftover from a camping pillowcase he made me the first year we met. I was leaving for a 2 week hike in Corsica and we’d only been together for a couple of months. I’d mentioned that when I hike, I use a stuff sack as a pillow, so he made me a handmade (really handmade because he didn’t have access to a sewing machine) pillowcase in my favourite colour. I would say best gift ever but last August he gave me an engagement ring and I feel that trumps the pillowcase… The heart is stitched in yellow and blue for both our favourite colours. Then, I used the grey fabric to give the block some stability (we’re both individually a little bit off but together, we’re pretty balanced). All the prints around are for the fun yet structured things that happen when we work together and the plain yet colourful fabrics around I thought would just bring the whole thing together. I really like this block!

I liked working on each and every block actually. In some, I tried new things like using yarn and stitching over it:DSC_1031

In some, I had barely any creative ideas because I was just trying to stay awake to beat jetlag:DSC_1029
I lost the fight to jetlag but I kept the block.

Overall, I think this was one of the most freeing and fun quilts I have ever worked on. For a while, I was watching TV and finishing the stitching around the edges:DSC_1033 This is my favourite stitching to do on quilts where I don’t use binding. I just find it makes a blanket just more blanket-like somehow. I know that doesn’t make sense but just go with it.

But now that that’s finally completed, I can just actually use it as the most awesome TV blanket ever!DSC_1046

Now excuse me while I watch more of The Mindy Project!

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  1. Catherine says:

    Great quilt! And actually finishing a project like that is a sign of love!

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