Well I may start blogging regularly again. It’s been a crazy year and a half while we tried (and succeeded) to raise 23,000$ for cancer research. I thought of nothing else but fundraising when I wasn’t working. I crafted a little but only for the 3 sales we did for the fundraiser. I started to feel like I was losing myself but now that the goal is achieved, I have more room to breathe and to spend time on crafting. It’s quite a nice feeling!

I have a lot I want to do for the shop but I decided to leave that aside for now. My etsy sales have been suspended for so long, a couple more weeks or even months won’t hurt. I have been reading the novels in the Elm Creek Quilts series and enjoying them quite a lot. Easy read, entertaining and oh so motivating! I just want to quilt all day. However, since that’s not an option and since I have a TON of materials to use, I decided to be a little selfish and spend my newly recovered time on a project just for me: my very first crazy quilt. They were talking about one in The Quilter’s Legacy and I thought “yeah, I can do that!”. Then I can watch TV wrapped in it! Awesomeness!

The novel talked about the history of the Crazy Quilt, how it started as a utilitarian quilt, the one made from scraps, just to keep people warm, that might have been hidden under the “pretty” quilt. I like that idea. Over the years, it has changed into a “pretty” quilt itself as quilters started to use all sorts of fabric scraps, velvets, satin, linen, as well as a slew of decorative embroidery stitches and colourful threads.

As appealing as the hand quilting is – every time I read an Elm Creek Quilt novel, I just want to hand quilt and hang out with a whole bunch of quilters -, I decided to make my first crazy quilt with my awesome machine. It does have over 429 stich options, might as well use them!

Since I don’t have any muslin for the base of the squares, I decided to use fabric I found in my great-grandmother’s cedar trunk. That trunk was a moth-ball smelling goldmine!! Took a little effort and time to get the smell out of the fabrics but it was well worth it! I didn’t notice it at first since it just looked like a pile of beige fabric, but they are actually all sugar bags that she un-sewed and washed. How cool is that? I don’t know what she intended to keep them for but I hope that she would approve of my use of them. DSC_0035




After cutting all my base squares, I took out all my threadsDSC_0047

and I dumped out my bin of scraps. DSC_0041These are the scraps that I decided to keep because I thought I would use them one day. I had about triple that amount but I sorted them a while ago because I needed room for all my fabrics. I donated the ones I knew I didn’t want to use to La Fabrique Ethique de Montreal. She can use them in her classes and I like the thought that people who are learning to repurpose clothes can use the scraps and give them a second life.

I have been having so much fun so far! After the fundraising where I have to be organized and calculating, it is a great relief to use my free time in such a, well, free manner! I am quite proud of the results. Even though it takes longer, I like changing the threads on the machine every time I put a new scrap in. Technically none of these fabrics and threads go together. And yet, used in this manner, they really work well together, in my opinion. Here are my first 4 squares:





I can’t wait to see how the finished quilt will look!! I think I’m going to call it Scrappidy Scrap Scrap. It has a nice ring to it. Reminds me that life is just darn fun! Scrappidy Scrap Scrap. Scrappidy Scrap Scrap!!

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