Life Changes

For the past two weeks, I have had more time on my hands: I am looking for another job. I won’t detail that part of my life here as it’s doesn’t really impact the crafting sphere other than to give me more time. I focus on job searching and send out a ton of applications but after a while of that, I find myself with time to develop Fleur de Pixie, finally! Yay!!

I have started revamping the shop and updating the listings. I have finally made the shop bilingual. It only took me 3 years to make the shop available in French, i.e., my first language. I am hoping this will help me widen my customer base.

I re-photographed everything I have in inventory, including the new items I had made to sell at the 3 craft sales my dad and I held to help team Just Another Hill raise money for cancer research.

I also changed up the banner on all my sites (Etsy, WordPress and Facebook). It was time for a new life in that tired, fuzzy, darkish old banner. The new Fleur de Pixie is more blue too. Because blue is freakin’ awesome and the best colour ever and I just love it a whole lot. Yes yes!

Today, I started posting what I have available. Check out the updates on the shop by clicking here. So far, the bread bags are up, as well as the trivets and placemats. Next, I have the coasters, zippered pouches and over the shoulder bags to post.

After that, I will take more time for product development/making more inventory. I already know I want to post some of my yoga bags, some Round Tuits (never posted any of those, only gave them as gifts but they are awesome, you’ll see!), more purses and crochet bags.

I have so much fabric in my stash, I will use this time in between jobs to make a dent in the pile and turn all that fabric potential into awesome Fleur de Pixie stuff!!

Life feels different these days. A bit more scary, a lot of unknown but mostly it feels full of hope and promise. It feels a bit like when I went off to hike the AT. When my parents dropped me off, I started walking but immediately wanted to run back to catch up with their car. I wanted to say “nevermind all this, my old life was good, I’ll just jump back in the car with you guys and go back to it ok?”. But I didn’t. And after a long (it really was short but it felt long) first day where my feet were following the blazes but my head was a million different scary places all at once, after talking myself into not quitting a whole bunch of times, I discovered that as hard as that hike was, it was one of the best challenges I ever faced in my life. I have a feeling this challenge will lead me to equally great lessons and rewards!…I’m just kinda still in the “follow the blazes while your head is in a million scary places all at once” part.

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