Most Awesome Wedding Flowers Ever

As I may have mentioned in a previous post, I’m getting married this year. In 3 weeks as a matter of fact! Our wedding will be full of little crafty details, because, well our wedding includes me.

I won’t post about all the crafty details yet, mostly because none of them are finished, but I will post about the best bridal bouquet you have ever seen and the most awesome matching boutonnieres and corsages!

I knew pretty early on that I wanted a crochet bouquet. For a brief second, I thought about undertaking it myself since I love crochet and I love flowers but as time ticked by, I realized I would have to give up on that dream and just buy flowers. Except one day, I decided to ask my boss about it. Why my boss? Because his wife is a crochet enthusiast! Although, after seeing her work below, you’ll definitely call her a crochet artist. An artist-enthusiast because all I asked for was a bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere if possible. She ended up making corsages and boutonnieres for the wedding party too!! Amazing!

The whole process was actually pretty entertaining. My boss is based in the States and travels to Canada every week or so. The first job she gave him was to bring a few sample flowers to make sure I liked the colours. It’s blue, there was no way I was not going to like it! He and I conferred with another coworker to make sure our ‘blue matches blue’ attitude was in line with reality. It was.

Then he brought up the men’s boutonnieres and I started to get really excited! Check them out. She even got flower boxes like a professional florist! DSC_0199

The groom’s is fancier:DSC_0183

Don’t you love how she designed and wrapped the stems?! I sure do! Makes them look real and unique. Oh yeah, and she added extra pretty pins to all of them. How thoughtful!DSC_0197

Then my boss had another mission: ask me about bracelets for corsages. He had a sheet with 4 options for me to choose from. People thought he had started selling jewelry which was pretty entertaining to me! I chose pearls for the maid of honour and blue and pearls for the bridemaids. They turned out amazing!! And also all came in their own boxes:DSC_0186



The wedding party will look quite dashingDSC_0192

For the pièce de résistance, my boss had to check luggage on his flight this week. If you knew him, you’d know how big a deal that was (and how I’ll never live it down because he had to check a bag because of me and he couldn’t just walk out of the airport right away but had to wait and wait and wait at the luggage carousel for ever and ever). All of that was worth it because I have the most beautiful bouquet of all the brides out there. I win! DSC_0169


It’s very me and there was no way I could have done that good a job if I tried to make it myself.

The level of detail she added is amazing. Just look at the pearls she added here!DSC_0176

I cannot say how happy I am with all of this. All she made exceeded any expectations I had and I can’t wait for the wedding to see everything come together for real!!

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  1. Catherine says:

    Wow! These are amazing – can’t wait to see them!

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