I learned a lesson today. That lesson is: when you try to manage too many things at once, you lose track of a lot.

This week, I got 2 orders on Etsy. Yay! The second one was for 3 small loaf orange bread bags. I only had 2 left. Crap! As it turns out, when you make a listing with colour options, the software doesn’t really know that quantity of each. I did have 4 in inventory, 2 green, 2 orange. Etsy, and therefore the buyer, didn’t know that. And I didn’t think about it before because I haven’t taken a second to look at or update the shop. OOPPSSS!

Thankfully, I did have an orange baguette bag left so I was able to cut it down to fulfill the order. But I lost time and I lost a baguette bag. As the boyfriend says, I’m more in the “get yourself known phase” but still I’d ideally want to be able to say I got the Fleur de Pixie name out there without losing money for it.

Live and learn people! Live. And. Learn. I have deactivated all bread bags listings for now until I can make sure the inventory matches the listings. The 4 listings that are still active in the shop I am certain of so I won’t run into another problem like this again.

That is all. In the end, the buyer gets her order and I still sold 4 bread bags this week so I’d say it’s still a pretty awesome week!

Fundraising sale this weekend for Just Another Hill. Fleur de Pixie (ie me) has graciously accepted to donate all the profits from the sale of bread bags, Christmas bags, and Christmas ornaments to Just Another Hill’s fundraising efforts for cancer research (ie for my project). Fleur de Pixie is a wonderful, wonderful enterprise!

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