Sources of Inspiration

I get inspired by anything and everything. An idea pops into my head, a vision floats before my eyes, and I set out to realize it. It rarely turns out as I thought it would. Sometimes it’s better and sometimes it’s worse. I have deduced that the Universe is trying to tell me that making plans and carrying them out perfectly isn’t always in the realm of the possible.

Even though I make things that are the result of my pure genius (I’m very modest), I do rely on established sources. I always tweak their instructions to my liking (or just look at the pretty pictures and try to replicate them without reading the helpful words on the page). So without further ado, here are the craft books in my library (my English Lit background has instilled in me the conviction that books are the most trustworthy source of information):

Buisson, Dominique. Manuel Pratique d’Origami. Paris: Celiv, 1990.

Colorful, Casual, and Comfy Quilts. Ed. Karen Bolesta. Rodale, 2003.

Craft Works. Eds. Clare Nicholson, Lindsay Porter, and Judith Simons. London: Lorenz Books, 1999.

Crocheting School. Trans. Mary Beth Benbenek. New York: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 2004.

Crossing Over Time Sampler. Ed. Nancy Fitzpatrick Wyatt. Birmingham, Oxmoor House, 1997.

De Coulon, Marcelle and Marie-France de la Villehuchet. Guide du Crochet. Paris: Brodard Graphique, 1977.

Dobson, Jenni. Quilting. London: MQ Publications Limited, 2005.

Eaton, Jan. 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws, and Afghans. Loveland: Interweave Press, 2004.

Free-Style Handmade Bags & Skirts. Eds. Woongjin Publishing. Cincinnati: North Light Books, 2008.

Goodwin, Elaine M. Classic Mosaic. Toronto: McArthur & Company, 2000.

Haab, Sherri. Designer Style Handbags. New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 2005.

Harris, Susan. Classic Quilts. Rushcutters Bay: J.B. Fairfax Press Pty Limited, 1997.

Knight, Erika. Le crochet facile. Rennes: Editions Frances Loisirs, 2003.

Lang, Robert J. Origami Insects and Their Kin. New York: Dover Publications, Inc., 1995.

Marsh, Christina. The Beginner’s Guide to Freestyle Embroidery. Cincinnati: David & Charles, 2003.

Martin, Terry. Variations on a Theme: Quilts with Easy Options. Woodingville: Martingale & Company, 2006.

Moscicki, Anne. Time to Quilt. Woodingville: Martingale & Company, 2003.

Nicol, Gloria. Quick & Easy Machine Quilts. London: Cico Books, 2004.

Oppenheimer, Betty. Sewing Packs, Pouches, Seats & Sacks. Pownal: Storey Books, 1998.

Porcella, Yvonne. Magical Four-Patch and Nine-Patch Quilts. Lafayette: C&T Publishing, 2001.

Rojas, Hector. Origami Animals. New York: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 2006.

Rosenthal, Maxine and Joy Pelzmann. One-Block Wonders Encore! Lafayette: C&T Publishing, 2008.

Sudo, Kumiko. Kake-Jiku. Elmhurst, Breckling Press, 2006.

Sullivan, Carolyn. Companion Pieces: Quilts and Embroidery. Rushcutters Bay: J.B. Fairfax Press, 1998.

I’m so glad I studied Literature so I would know all about MLA formatting!

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