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…is something I’m still learning. Turns out it’s hard to take really good product pictures! I tried my best in this new listing but turns out I’m not quite patient enough to wait until I’ve really understood everything about my … Continue reading

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Works in Progress (as always)

I feel I’ve been neglecting the blog. Mostly because the last few things I made, I didn’t include in the blog. Shame on me! I should have kept telling you stories about what I make. If you want to see … Continue reading

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Procrastination Not Included

If you don’t include procrastination, I finished the blue crochet bag, relatively quickly. In terms of work hours, that is. Of course, since the blog kind of acts as ‘evidence’, I’m forced to admit that I started it before August … Continue reading

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I’m all over the place

So when I said I was focused, what I really meant was “I’ll start a million projects all at once and then just not work on them because it’s much more fun to play outside in this weather”. I don’t … Continue reading

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Pencil Cases!!

“Pencil cases” is what I yelled enthusiastically as we went our separate ways coming out of the tea house where we’d spent a wonderful couple of hours hammering out details for our joint craft fair venture. That’s right! Lotus Tree … Continue reading

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