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Life Changes

For the past two weeks, I have had more time on my hands: I am looking for another job. I won’t detail that part of my life here as it’s doesn’t really impact the crafting sphere other than to give … Continue reading

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I learned a lesson today. That lesson is: when you try to manage too many things at once, you lose track of a lot. This week, I got 2 orders on Etsy. Yay! The second one was for 3 small … Continue reading

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This and That II

I wanted to post last night but I had no more energy. Now I have less than 20min before I have to go to work so it won’t be a long post. The studio in Shediac that sells my bread … Continue reading

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This and That

“This and That”. That is a title you use when you’re feeling uninspired about coming up with a title. I never dared use it back when I was writing school essays but I kind of wish I had. So first, … Continue reading

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…is something I’m still learning. Turns out it’s hard to take really good product pictures! I tried my best in this new listing but turns out I’m not quite patient enough to wait until I’ve really understood everything about my … Continue reading

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