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From Bad to Worse to Better

My cousin ordered a baby blanket for her second little one. I had made this as a Christmas present when I drew her name for the family gift exchange So she wanted something similar and trusted my creative instinct. Off … Continue reading

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Drink and Be Merry Coasters!

I’m already crafting! Ideally, I would craft all day but there are chores to be done so that’s not going to happen. But I made this while watching The Wizard of Oz this morning (and eating chocolate cake for breakfast)! … Continue reading

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A Quilt for Quinn

I don’t normally do this but I’m posting during my lunch hour. I’m finding that time and energy is a bit hard to come by these days, especially at night, so it’s time to be creative with my schedule. Therefore, … Continue reading

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Sasha’s Quilt Garden

This post won’t be as eloquent as I would want it to be because Sasha (a 7 year-old) tired me out (a 30 year old) and left at 10pm full of energy while I dragged myself to bed and dragged … Continue reading

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Can a machine have a soul?

A friend of mine got a sewing machine as a gift and wanted a few pointers so she brought it over so we could work together. Her machine wasn’t working properly. Brother told her to buy a new needle plate … Continue reading

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