I finally had some time this week to organize my fabrics (minus the ones in the trunk in my closet) and it was fun! A big undertaking but fun! I didn’t have time to take pictures to post about it until now but do you know what me posting this means? Do you? Probably not. I will tell you after I share my progress.

First, I emptied every drawer and bin. I tried to empty a little at a time at first but eventually gave in and dumped everything on the floor and sorted it by what I would use the fabric for. Then I made little tags and pinned them to the bins so my main fabric stash now looks like this:

Fabric Storage 001

From now on, I won’t have to dig through everything to find that one fabric that I remember someone gave me (or that I bought on a whim) that would be perfect for the project I’m working on. Now, I’ll only have to dig through one bin because of my informative labels, such as this one:

Fabric Storage 002

I’ve got tags for bag linings, exteriors, pants, white fabric, scraps, fleece, flannel, yarn and more. And the dresser drawers were also subject to more organization. Like so:
Fabric Storage 004

I love it! So now I will tell you what it means. It means that I’m ready to invest my time exclusively in Fleur de Pixie production! Hurrah! Holiday crafting and baking is over. Organizing my workshop is over. Apart from wanting to spend some time on a project just for me here and there, I can finally stop ‘settling’ and start MAKING things! LALALALLALALALALLALALA!

Oh and Happy Holidays everyone! Wishing you and your families all the best!

PS: I like exclamation marks….!

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